Smartphone cameras are popular for snapshots, and in truth, for day-to-day use, documenting little events and the like, they’re great for that purpose. But for gorgeous, planned, well-framed shots, you need the power and control of a DSLR. But what about that nice control scheme from smartphones? The MaxStone makes it happen.

Control In A Tiny Pebble

The MaxStone is fairly simple, in terms of operation. You simply configure your camera to accept infrared commands, put the MaxStone on your camera, and click in the cover over your shutter button. Then all you need to do is fire up the app, which is currently only available for iOS, and you’ve got camera controls in your phone. But this is a lot more than a selfie generator.

Pro Controls, Accessible Surfaces

Looking at the app, there’s a lot to love here about the MaxStone. First of all, the control is surprisingly wide-ranging; in addition to firing the shutter, you can essentially tweak any settings your camera allows you to tweak remotely. It will also help you generate time-lapse images and create long exposures, one of the more common tools for filmmakers and professional photographers, and you can even activate video if your DSLR supports it, which it should, because this is the twenty-first century for crying out loud. In other words, it frees you up considerably to actually use your camera creatively.

It’ll even keep track of your camera for you, alerting you when it starts moving… and saving you a lot of money.

Shoot Like The Pros Do


Probably the best feature of all this is that you don’t need to use DSLR interfaces, which are painfully clumsy compared to the slick, simple interfaces of camera apps such as VSCO Cam. If you’ve got a DSLR and need more control, the MaxStone looks perfect: It starts at $39.


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